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Balcony Railing

We  handle both seamless glass balcony railing and aluminium post glass railings for balconies, decks, and glass fencing throughout Southern California.

Doble Glass

leading manufacture and installer of glass balcony railings

Doble Glass is a leading manufacture and installer of glass balcony railings, and glass walls in Southern California. We have an enormous selection of seamless glass rails and aluminum post glass railings that are ideal for use with decks, balconies, and more.

Our customers depend on us for outstanding service in Southern California.

We use ⅜’ and ½’ thick tempered glass for glass railing, which provides an unobstructed view of the mountains, the coast, the city, or anything else that is just too gorgeous to hide away with a railing.

Glass also makes an excellent sound barrier. Doble Glass offers many options for your project. We can even install a curved glass wall, railing, or fence.

Doble Glass

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We construct both seamless glass railing and aluminium Posted glass railings for balconies and decks through Southern California

Glass railing systems are available in the same assortment of colors for the post glass balcony and deck rails. Seamless glass rail systems can also come with either a top railing or without. The channel base flange or surface mount versions are offset from the edge of the balcony or deck and therefore occupy standing square footage. Another type of mount is also available that takes the rail assembly as close to the edge as is safe, and it can do this because it mounts to the face of the deck or “fascia.”

Our glass rail systems top either posted glass or seamless glass in outdoor staircase bannisters or ballustrades. Be sure to ask for details about how glass handrail systems are preferable to steel cabling for both aesthetics and safety.

Doble Glass

Choose Your Glass Railing in Southern California

Our experts offer an impressive assortment of colors for the posts of your new glass balcony and glass railing system. If you’re looking for an almost invisible, clean, and modern look, we have seamless systems that come without posts. Also have options that do come with posts for a finished, minimal addition to your system.

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Which Is Best: Glass Railing or Steel Cabling?

If you’re not sure whether you want to go with steel cabling or glass railing for your new design, ask us for details! The beauty, simplicity, luxury, and minimalistic style of a glass railing in Southern California is far superior to steel cabling. This is true in regards to safety and aesthetics.

Although steel cabling also provides a minimalist look to balconies and staircases, it does not provide the safety or near-invisible aesthetic appearance that glass does.

Providing safety with glass walls, balcony fences, and railings without distorting the view is a feat that can only be accomplished with glass.

Doble Glass

Options for Balcony Railing in Southern California

Still looking for more options for your balcony with glass walls in Southern California? We also have glass railing systems that use posted glass or even seamless glass at the top. This style can be used for outdoor staircase banisters or balustrades.

Doble Glass

Why ChooseDoble Glass ?

We offer an endless combination of possibilities for glass stair railings, glass walls, and glass balcony railings. The options we provide ensure that your railing system will be unique.

It will also provide a customized finish to your project that suits your needs and tastes perfectly. Some of the additional options we offer include:

Advantages of Glass Rails

The addition of a glass balcony railing or staircase railing makes a simple, elegant, yet powerful aesthetic statement that becomes an architectural highlight for your home. The aluminum we use for glass handrails and railing tops will never discolor or rust like wrought iron can.

For family and general safety, a glass rail system is an airy and effective architectural accent to any modern home. The lasting beauty of an aluminum and glass rail comes from the fact that it will never rust like wrought iron or rot like wood. It lets the light through and exposes the view in a way wood never can.

Doble Glass

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